I Had To Blog About It…

Are you ready for this one?

I was told that being an Administrative Assistant is a gofer position. But, before I get into what this “gofer” position has done for me over the years, let’s recap what the position really entails.

Besides doing the things others are not willing to do, for example; running around for others; pretty much being told what to do and how to do it and when to do it. Well if you understand that knowledge is wealth, you will simply write everything down being taught to you on a daily basis. Trust me, this is a position, career or journey that will take you places, and not only that, you’ll use it in your EVERYDAY life…and not every position or career will do that for you!

After being a basic admin for at least three consecutive years assisting a manager, you can say you’ve managed to learn the basic fundamentals which includes some basic computer skills, software packages and light bookkeeping! You’re now ready to graduate …this means more responsibilities. With more RESPONSIBILITIES, you’re forced to PRIORITIZE and learn more about TECHNOLOGY and right before you know it, you’ll be teaching the Managers, Directors and the Vice President a thing a or two on efficiency. Once you’ve gained trust within yourself, you’re ready to move up once again but, this time with a voice. You’re an ASSET to any industry…meaning you will always find work!

Imagine.. a couple of years ago you started as an office assistant then a basic administrator and now the Executive Assistant to a Hedge Fund. You now have a lot of POWER! You’re giving advice on who to hire, what the department needs to run efficiently and effectively, you’re in charge of payroll and raises, not only managing the department but, also the personal life’s of some of these elites. Do you actually know what a 10 year experienced Executive Assistant salary looks like? check it out here: http://www.salary.comhttp://swz.salary.com/SalaryWizard/Executive-Assistant-Job-Description.aspx

Some may not realize that Directors, COO and CFO must go through you first before getting to the CEO. Trust me, with SUCH title comes MUCH responsibilities. However, I left out a couple of key aspects like communicating effectively and writing skills are so important! They’re trusting you to make them look and stay great! You’re truly the right hand.

Now with my years of experience this “GOFER” title awarded me to work with some of the best prestigious companies and people in the Northeast; they gave me the OPPORTUNITY to grow, become certified and now teach. It has afforded me lots however, you must have tough skin and not be a “yes” person just because he/she signs your paycheck. Also, have your own voice and instill the trust because Executives and Owners can’t do it alone; discover you’re a TEAM. Someone has to be reasonable, open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to get the task done. This is NOT for the average 9 to 5’ers.

Now take a look at the words I have in “caps & bolded” above; just think.. I do everything mentioned above easily from my home office ..

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