Stay at Home Professionals.. Keep it Young & Classy

Is this you? Do you roll out of bed and turn on your computer? I for one don’t think it’s a healthy thing to do… If you don’t take time out to make yourself presentable for yourself, how much effort will you put into your clients work, not unless the job calls for ripped jeans and a hardhat…LOL. In today’s corporate world offices are now very relaxed with the work environment…a relaxed employee works harder? However, you’re still held accountable for your attire. But, my stay at home professionals should always be ready to run out the door to meet your next prospect or be prepared for that Skype meeting; please don’t get caught in your bed cloths and a coffee mug in your hand!!

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Here are my favorite websites to keep my Virtual Home Office prepped and ready. By the way, you know you can use coupons or a QR code straight from your smart phone right??

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Hire Someone Smarter than You? Well of course…

I’m smarter than most of you…LOL in my field of course! Here’s where your business can work against you because of fear. Most of us today struggle with this, afraid of sharing too much because you think someone will steal your “big” idea but, if you’re not careful, you can prohibit your business from growing. It’s not just what you know, but how well you do it. There’s only one McDonalds and one Burger King but both of them sell hamburgers, both use beef so what do they do differently besides having different logos and slogans? They even cater to the same market “people”, so I ask again, what do they do differently? I’ll tell you…they perfected a required taste they believe and trust in so much, that they’re willing to share it (it’s called Franchise).

Understand this, the more competitors the quicker you’ll understand “accountability” which will push you to be the best in your industry. Don’t be afraid of sharing, besides, it’s free marketing. And how will you ever get better at your craft if you don’t have anyone to compete against. With this being said, when you have someone on your team trust that they have the interest of the company however, use your discretion when hiring; you need someone that will help you grow and this means hiring someone with more experience than you. Most new businesses can’t afford someone with such talent but, you can hire interns willing to learn and work hard for commission, or they just want to gain access to how you got started in your own business. Don’t fret, these interns are your allies and they might become one of your best managers.

Become your best mentor by sharing your knowledge.

The Expert Office’s
Virtual Executive Assistant 2Go!
Virtual Admins – rates starting @ $15hr

We Make It Easy!

Isn’t life wonderful? … I didn’t say easy, but wonderful! If you didn’t know, life is full of chances and choices; whether you chose to do things the hard or easy way, it’s all up to you. The last quarter of 2012 we had to make some rather hard choices before bringing on a client. Let’s put aside payment, cost, price etc.. There are many factors to consider when taking on a new client. Consider this… accessibility.. as a virtual business you have to be available for your clients or potential clients period, no questions asked but, not every potential client is a good match. When selling the idea of virtual, here are some questions that should be asked.

1. Are you willing to sign a confidential/business agreement (NDA)?
2. Can you operate a PC and/or Mac?
3. Do you have a smart phone

With any business you have to have some trust, if you don’t trust, you can’t delegate and if you don’t delegate then your business will not grow! The Expert Office’s make it easy for you! We’re willing to hold your hand through every project and help you evolve in this ever-changing economy. Don’t be left behind, let us be your Back Office Support because dotting the “I” and crossing the “T” isn’t enough. You have to be quick and precise and have control of your daily paperwork, follow-up and stay true to the services you are offering.

Good news! It’s never too late to ask for help! Everyone should have a business manager that can oversee your everyday needs! We are prepared to check your calendar, schedule appointments, make follow-up calls, pay bills, create your presentation and take control of your social media & more!!

Make your 2013 not just profitable but, sustainable!
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