10 Reasons To Hire a VA (Virtual Administrative Assistant)

10 Reasons To Hire a VA (Virtual Administrative Assistant).


10 Reasons To Hire a VA (Virtual Administrative Assistant)

• Increase In Productivity – We help you reach your daily goal.
• Time Management – We free up your time so you can go out and sell your business in this ever  changing economy.
• Customer/Client Relationship – We are the liaison between you and your customers keeping an open door policy.
• Manage Schedules – We can be reached (globally via email, Skype, text and of course through the general number .
• Confidentially Stored (introducing the CLOUD) – We keep your information confidential via “The Cloud” and we have our very own external drive T3.
• No Overhead – No middleman to deal with. We are a one-stop-shop for your everyday administrative needs. Just call us at 1-800-520-0422 or contact us through the web http://www.TheExpertOffices.com.
• Tailored Just For You – Not every business is the same; you may not need us every day. We are here when you need us.
• Monthly Specials – October Fest Promo – we are allowing you to squeeze in all that you need in a day or a month for only $99 instead of $129. Our way of giving back to our existing clients and a nice introductory for new clients. This promo ends Nov. 1st. 2012.
• Free Consultation – We want a long-term relationship so we offer a free one day trial before signing you up.
• Language – We now have bilingual & trilingual assistants.

…What Are You Waiting for??

      I’ve had enough of Corporate America!  I can’t speak for you but, when it’s been so structured to a point where you are not allowed to voice your opinion in a manner that could enhance productivity, there’s a problem.  It makes employees lazy, bored and not accountable.  Whatever happened to round table discussions from department heads and employee participation or the good ol’ fashion suggestion box.  I think the one thing corporate is missing in this day and age of social media is the mere fact that if a person is happy at work, it’s free marketing for the company… you still don’t get it? well think of it this way, if someone had a bad experience working with a company, that “bad news” traveled fast; well it works the same way here just vise versa.  You must have an open door policy; employees want to be heard!

This is one of the reasons why I started my own online Turnkey  business.  It allows me to express myself in my work and it allows me to help out the small mom and pops that is noticeably suffering in this economy.  Business owners that hire me as a VA (virtual assistant) is either contracted in or they hire on an as needed basis. They tell me what they want and I just do it; simple no micro-managing, no overhead, no benefits needed.

Besides The Expert Offices,  there are plenty of other companies out here ready to assist you with any office need.  I applaud those who are taking chances to become entrepreneurs and those reaching out to others.  Not everyone has a storefront and before you sign a Lease let me introduce you to one of my favorite Virtual Office Space to rent located in the prime New York City area and very affordable ..trust me. Manhattan Virtual Office is equipped with everything you need for a startup company.  It gives you a good professional look with a business storefront, conference rooms and answering service; whatever you need they have it, so check them out at http://www.manhattanvirtualoffice.com!   If you’re a young entrepreneur looking for guidance and coaching or a business makeover is what you need, get in touch with Shanesia Winston at www.savvybusinessmakers.com a veteran in the business who is very determined to help grow your business.

I have 15 years experience and worked for some of the most prestigious corporate companies in NYC where the demand is always high.  How would I know that through the years, I was actually being prepped to become a business owner. I was one of the lucky ones’ and taught by the best; from reading and understanding contracts to preparing an intro letter but most importantly, and sounds simple but most people do not  communicate and/or follow-up within a certain timeframe.  Under the watchful eye of all, I became very skilled in business management. Yep, I can say I’m one of the best Executive Assistants out here so, don’t be afraid to hire a Virtual Assistant..we are life changers, here to help you do what you do best!

…Hey drop me a line and let me know what you’re looking for in a Virtual Administrator, happy to hear any suggestions or if you want to learn more about how I got my start.

I look forward to hearing from you.

gaila@TheExpertOffices.com  or  visit http://www.TheExpertOffices.com