Moms & Wives Make The Best Administrators

Mothers as well as wives make the best administrators for a couple of reasons, they are the ultimate task master, the mothership if you will; from laundry, to dinner, to members of the PTA, to cleaning the house and making the husband happy…yep we do it all!  A couple of years ago I often wondered who shaped me for the this long career that started from an Admin to Marketing Coordinator to Event Planner, Tradeshow Host, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Director of Administrators now 3 time business owner plus blogger…whew sometimes I don’t know how I did it! Honestly you must have love for this sport! You have to pick a side and with that a team, you can’t turn your back or you’ll just miss the ball.  You have to play your part and be the biggest supporter going beyond and ladies you know what I mean….hense the personal management stuff (family, errands etc.). But if you like being a boss then you can handle this role.

I do have to thank all the Elites who trained me throughout years…It’s one of those things where you didn’t know how good you was until you said hummm “no I can do it better”.  It really goes back to me just simply bossing my two little brothers around and when my mother gave me authority followed by a 10-year-old who listened to moms every whim!  Mom said “tell me which bill should be paid this month and make sure we have enough money for lunch allowances.  For some, this may seem a bit too much for a 10-year-old but on the contrary, it shaped me into the best student, daughter, mother, employee, investor and business owner!

Cheers to all the Administrators – we are the Management System that’s needed in every household, work office and todays’ business owners cannot live without us!