Investing Are you?

Renting vs. Homeownership  . . .

Let’s test your investing skills.  This is probably one of my favorite topics – I use to be an advocate investor; hopefully I can reach a broader audience and share the good and the bad!

We are all feeling the pinch of todays’ economy! do you think it is wise to purchase a home today and why?  I remember purchasing my first home at the ripe age of 25 and it was very easy to purchase with lots of guidance from my knowledgeable uncle of course but nonetheless, it was easy.  My credit wasn’t the greatest (but my LTV was very good) and I was paying back student loans on time plus I was contemplating law school. I had a lot on my plate.  My cheap uncle always told me “never let anyone watch your money” because, at the end of the day someone has to get paid = (equals) cash from your pocket. You know I was not having that; I wanted to be the “Female Donald Trump”.  As of today I understand why my uncle was so frugal. 

So I ask you, although the interest rate is low do you think it’s a wise decision to purchase? Remember, your credit has to be good, employed for a couple of years- steady job, and seasoned money (untouched cash in the bank for at least a year); before the bubble, you only needed up to 3 months seasoned cash. 

Ask me anything about the housing market.  Conventional vs. FHS Loans, Commercial banks vs. Credit Unions,  IRAs and Mutual Funds.

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Let me hear your thoughts! 


The Ingredients – “What Do Men Want”

 Love God, yourself then everything else comes easy…..

I thought this was a good way to follow the last blog “What Do Men Want”. It’s very easy to pick on men since the ratio is 5 women to 1 man (that’s right I said it) however; todays women has picked up the bad habit of “if he can do it so can I”. But I do believe there are still good men and women out there, you just have to be patient.

Men and women, if you love God then you can love others. I know this to be true. I love people I mean I can talk to anyone but, not everyone has a good heart, loving God means forgiving…really forgiving…OK I didn’t say to be a fool but, forgive and it keep it moving so you can stay healthy and be a blessing to someone else. Now let’s talk about the real deal. Men are carbon copies of there mom, if he’s a mama’s boy then what do you expect in a relationship? He’s going to expect you to do the same things for him…he can’t help it! If the mom is strong and a do it yourself kind of women, then he’s going to think he can do it all and don’t need a lady in his life (commitment & bonding issues), If the mom felt abandon and raised a little boy without help…well, this man not only feels he don’t need a lady, he don’t need anyone…so yep you guessed it but despite it all, I do believe people can change if they want to. But there are some women that do rise above the rest – doing the right thing; work, kids, submissive. It doesn’t mean it’s you, it just means that he can’t filter it all and he’s probably questioning himself at this point and you better be doing a lot of praying to get through the mess.

We women are very emotional and we put our men on pedestals and the moment he messes up, we get torn up and then the next guy catches hell. We know we do that and it’s not right. Men I apologize for all the backlash you got and or still getting from our wounded women.

Mr. McFadden said it in my last blog; men do need their egos stroked. If men stay consistent and say what they mean this will be easier for women to do. Tell us you’re afraid and you need help expressing yourself or you’re afraid that we may leave you for some other cat with more change…I have to tell you guys this is not true – it’s the inconsistencies and the lies that pushes us away. I rather have a fun loving, god fearing broke dude with goals than a lying cheating &*^ chauvinistic person; I don’t need you to showoff, be yourself that’s the person we fall in love with.

Some women just hold back because she’s expecting the worse. For example, wearing your heart on your sleeve can get it broken, the lay on the couch and scratch syndrome, the drop your underwear anywhere syndrome making promises you don’t keep and lastly the quickie because you have intimate issues. Guys work it out please!! You’ll only get what you put out, put it out on the table. Are you looking to have fun or you want exclusivity. Stop being greedy thinking if you move to the next, you’ll have less problems….because it may not be her but yourself. Men and women, if you can make it happen on your 9 to 5 then you better put more effort into the person who’s going to have your back if it no longer exists!! Once she or he is gone, then it’s gone!


Chime in…ready when you are!!