What do men want…

Talk about it ladies…

As I get older I’ve come to realize that men are more confused today then ever before. Let’s not factor in the economy although it may have something to do with it however, it’s an ongoing problem that I’ve been experiencing within the past 5 years and so has my girlfriends, cousins and aunts. Let’s discuss what we think men really want in a relationship; I really wish I knew. Let’s start off with some qualities we women have. We’re spiritual, educated, j.o.b., good credit, a great personality, a life with goals hello…check, check & check – can someone please explain what the problem is? They say “men” want a smart, goal oriented women with a life of their own and when it smacks them in the face they don’t know what to do with it. I’ve personally heard, you’ve done it all Gaila -college, homes, family, career and now entrepreneur all accomplished before the age of 45. Well what are these men expecting me to do sit around and be needy and wait? I am not trying to replace men; I’m just a go getter and if that intimidates you then this is not what you really want and be honest about it. I’m neither bossy nor pushy and I don’t flaunt my stuff around but, the moment I sit down and have one of these conversations with either a potential partner or good friend….they’re like “yep you’re one in a million and you are exactly what men want? So what’s the problem? I can play the damsel in distress and cook your dinner without it being a chore and everything else that goes along with a good partner.  Men…HEAR ME NOW we don’t want to be leaders in our personal life….being the boss at work is something different;  so seriously what do you want? I don’t mind asking for cash when I need my hair and nails done. Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time a man offered to wash my car or gave me cash and said do what you want with it because you deserve it. Where in the hell is chivalry? I was told this past summer “I don’t know what to do with you” because I was moving too slow and or I didn’t invite him into my home. Ladies you know playing it slow because you really see potential, being cautious. I don’t understand it; you move fast then you’re a tramp (or worse), you move too slow, you look as though you’re not interested.  You can’t win for loosing!

It’s black or white guys…be straight up about you want. 

Ok audience let’s get this dialogue started!


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I’ll be watching:)



Social Butterfly…

The Social Butterfly…

I’ve learned that at any given moment in an elevator or grocery store is an opportunity to strike up a good conversation.  You’ll quickly find out that folks do not want to discuss the despair of the world.  Seriously, I was standing on-line at the checkout when a gentleman stood next to me; I noticed his shoes.. They’re so hot.. I rarely give men compliments because they may take it the wrong way but being a shoe collector myself, I had to say something people.

He smiled and I smiled back and then I looked down as though I haven’t seen them already….”the shoes”.  I finally said those are some really nice shoes. He said yeah I love them; I just wore them for the first time today…breaking them in yeah know? I said
yes I know how that feels being a shoe person that I am.  He then said my wife has good taste and I followed through with a “that she does”….I’m not kidding I’ve never seen such a nice pair of men shoes.   Then I thought, oh gosh he’s probably thinking I’m trying to pick him up because he mentioned his wife love shoes to etc.. etc…

So, how do you say NO I’m just giving you a compliment?  I quickly made up a story….I said my boyfriend really likes going shopping with me because he likes trying them on in the store which eliminates him from returning them; as I chuckled.   Can you believe I had to smooth him out with the “boyfriend” talk?  I didn’t want him oh please; see what I mean….

He said …hey it was good chatting and if you’re looking to purchase a home in the surrounding area here’s my card. I said a matter of fact I’ll be in the market in a couple of months and will give you a call.  To make a long story short, I gave him my business card, he checked out my website and he called me within a couple of days regarding some work; he’s now a reoccurring customer.

Be careful how you market yourself.  Be kind to people; you may be entertaining someone with possibilities.  It’s the old saying “its not what you know but who you know”.

So I ask you, how would you handle this situation ladies?  And gents…I know you would probably think I was coming on to you too.

Chime in….