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Excellence Requires Discomfort –

So they say….I like to think I’m a brave little solider not afraid of too much except when I have to hit things straightaway or confront things I know I should tackle.  Starting my own business and succeeding has always been in  my blood but of course family came first.  Not knowing at the time, being a young mom = sacrifice, patients and laughter (blood, sweat & tears if you will) all while tackling college,  the corporate life and homeownership…truly blessed.  Until life’s disorder kicks in and knock you down.  Loosing a job that I’ve had for nearly a decade really got me baffled; I was “living the American dream” at a very young age I might add.  However, when the rug was pulled from underneath me, I was pissed at the world; the economy was  falling etc… but wait a minute ..I always get my own way.  The hustler “go getter”  that I am landed me another job and needless to say, a not so happy one, I prayed for a job so you know the o’l saying …be careful what you ask for because you might just get it.

Without getting too much into my life…although I like to believe I’m a lot more transparent now than I’ve ever been.  I came to realize without the guidance of God, my mother & two children I wouldn’t be molded into the women I am today.  I wanted to be my own boss 100% “come high or hell water” that’s what I’m going to do.  I kept a journal, I wrote down what I thought was my best attributes, what needed work, who the target audience was and surrounded myself with great people.  I got rid of the toxic folks and then I took a second look at my 15 year resume and said, wow I really do have a lot to offer… so I took some coaching classes for “free”.  There are lots of self-help classes online, groups and yes teachers who are willing to coach you.  To make a long story short, life is going to always throw you a curve ball so I decided to throw it back…hard.. I didn’t care what got broken as long as it can be replaced (you get it right?).  You have to have real drive, passion, and determination.  Please surround yourself with folks that have goals….network, network, network…. which brings me here.

Check out The Expert Office’s @ ( feel free to contact me with questions or you just need help with your startup.  There’s a special page the “Peoples Corner” on my website where you can read my blogs, get daily news (good food), find out where’s the next networking meeting is etc…useful tools on this site.

Be transparent and know what you want … remember Excellence Requires Discomfort.

If you’re interested in a roundtable discussion, please let me know!

The floor is now open for discussion!!!


Extrepreneurs & Fashion

Does Entrepreneurship = Typical black jacket and a crisp white shirt  “Corporate Standard”? Does it mean that you can’t think outside the box?  

Going against the grain shows corporate you got Style & Flare, shows creativity and expression.   It also shows that you’re not afraid of what one thinks.  My many years of experience in the corporate world taught me to think differently…when people saw my work they saw passion,  creativity, with boldly stated colors.   I remember walking into the office with Bermuda shorts (cream color)  with a blazer & a satin blouse … to tie it all in, yes black stilettos (with pantyhose of course, everyone did pantyhose back then),.   You’re probably wondering what era I’m talking about? Yes, you guessed it.. the 80’s when folks walked around with a square briefcase in one hand and coffee in the other looking straight ahead like robots!  I on the other hand, pretty much smiled at everyone…I probably looked crazy but, I’m a southern/caribbean women brought up with deep southern values and saying good
morning with a smile said a lot about who I am and I’m pretty much the same way today; heck I love people. If you take a look at my PowerPoint presentation it will say “yes that’s her work all over it” and yes I’m still the same gal who loves fashion, creativity and the corporate world all done while wearing my stilettos.  However, beware of the “Do’s & Don’ts” when coordinating your wardrobe:

  1. Tight does not say corporate or sexy! Who’s taking you seriously?
  2. Who said less is more? That’s right…your mother and grandmother whoever knew better and care about values.
  3. No bold make-up please, ashy hands and feet or chipped nail polish because if you can’t keep these few things together how are companies going to trust your work when you look a hot mess. So utilize the
    tips below, market yourself correctly…make an effort… the ingredients isn’t

Tips for beginners:

  1.  Have a basic black, brown, bone/ cream pump or peep toe shoe
  2.  One black, brown or bone/cream jacket
  3.  One or two dresses
  4.  Lots of accessories (belts, Scarfs & bracelets)
  5. Be creative with your blouses (no one will ever know if you’re wearing the same jacket or pant)

Come on have fun with it!

Anyone wants to chime in?

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